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  • Building Sexual Charisma

    1 season

    Rom Wills, author of the international bestseller, Nice Guys and Players, presents this provocative new series giving tips on how a man can develop the x-factor of sexual charisma.

  • Signature Style

    1 season

    Rom Wills, author of the international best-seller, Nice Guys and Players, provide instruction on how a man can develop a signature personal style.

  • The Good Man's Guide

    1 season

    Rom Wills, the author of the international best seller, Nice Guys and Players discusses ways in which good men can win in the dating game. Good men don't have to finish last.

  • A Player's Eyes - Season One

    1 season

    Jealous men and jilted women have called him a bad boy, a womanizer, and a player. In this raw and controversial series, best selling author Rom Wills shares his observations on everyday sexual dynamics. From the true sexual nature of women, to why good men and women get burned in relationship ...