Rom TV Previews

Rom TV Previews

12 Episodes

Catch previews of upcoming series and specials

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Rom TV Previews
  • Nuances of the Game Preview

    Rom previews his upcoming series, "Nuances of the Game." In this series Rom discusses the exceptions to the so-called dating rules.

  • This Fall on Rom TV

    Previewing several fall series coming up on Rom TV

  • Study Guides Preview for December

    Episode 3

    Rom previews two new series that will start in December. The first one will be the Sexual Chemistry Study Guide. A week later Rom will have the Meeting Attractive Women Study Guide.

  • Coming in February and March

    Episode 4

    Three new new series are coming to Rom TV in the next few weeks. The series are: A Player's Eyes, Season Two; Thoughts for a Raw Brotha; and The World of the Select.

  • Fall 2020 Preview

    Episode 5

    Rom previews three new series for this fall. They are Grown Man Game, Developing Your Bait, and Interesting Female Archetypes.

  • Upcoming Shows on Rom TV

    Episode 6

    Rom previews three new shows coming to Rom TV this fall.

  • Previews for the 2021-2022 Winter Season for Rom TV

    Episode 7

    Rom preview two new upcoming series for Rom TV. They are "Handsome Man Game" and "Anatomy of a Ladies' Man."

  • Upcoming Shows - Spring 2022

    Episode 8

    Rom previews three new shows for the spring of 2022. Confessions of a Dog, Reading Women DTF, and Turn Her Out.

  • Upcoming Series for Winter 2022

    Episode 1

    Rom gives brief previews of three new winter series for winter 2022.

  • Upcoming Shows Preview 2-14-23

    Episode 10

    Rom previews three upcoming shows. The shows are "Dealing with Dymes," "Seduction Styles Used by Women," and "Sexual Personality Types of Women."

  • Upcoming Shows for Late Spring 2023 on Rom TV

    Episode 11

    Rom gives previews for two new shows, "Reading Choosing Signals and Receptiveness" and "Winning Over a Woman."

  • Fall 2023 Preview

    Episode 12

    Rom previews three new series for the fall.