Body Game Hierarchy

Body Game Hierarchy

9 Episodes

In this series Rom discusses different men's body types and how generally attractive these types are to women.

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Body Game Hierarchy
  • Body Game Hierarchy - Hierarchy Among Men's Body Types

    Episode 1

    In this series Rom will discuss his observations of how women respond to different men's body types.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - UFUB

    Episode 2

    Rom discusses the lowest level of the Body Game Hierarchy, the UFUB.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - UFAB

    Episode 3

    In this episode Rom talks about the options for men who have an ugly face and average body.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - AFAB

    Episode 4

    Rom explains that AFABs are actually suited for relationships and are what many women will look for in a man.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - CHGB

    Episode 5

    The CHGB is physically above average in looks and body build. The have several options when dealing with women.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - MFGB

    Episode 6

    The MFGB takes things to another level. There are, however, some issues.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - AFSB

    Episode 7

    Rom explains why a man with average looks but a strong body turns on many women.

  • Body Game Hierarchy - USP

    Episode 8

    Rom talks about the Ugly Sexy Player. This term was coined by Cousin T Taw. Check out his channel,

  • Body Game Hierarchy - ASP

    Episode 9

    In the final episode of this Rom discusses the man at the top of the Body Game Hierarchy, the ASP. Check out the channel of the coiner of the term, ASP, Cousin T. Taw,