Player Archetypes

Player Archetypes

9 Episodes

In Player Archetypes, Rom Wills, author of the international bestseller, Nice Guys and Players, talks about different types of Players. Rom specifically talks about the personality profiles of men who have sex with many women. He also discusses the relationship goals of these womanizers.

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Player Archetypes
  • Player Archetypes - Overview

    Episode 1

    Rom provide an overview of the Player Archetypes series.

  • Player Archetypes - The Poonhound

    Episode 2

    In this episode Rom talks about the well known Poonhound. The Poonhound has some interesting characteristics.

  • Player Archetypes - The Street Player

    Episode 3

    In this episode Rom talks about the Street Player. The Street Player doesn't seduce women for mere pleasure. He does so for survival.

  • Player Archetypes - The Thot Hunter

    Episode 4

    The Thot Hunter is a player who spot Thots, even those who are undercover. He is also comfortable with a Thot being a Thot.

  • Player Archetypes - The Loverman

    Episode 5

    Rom talks about Lovermen and the secret of their success with women.

  • Player Archetypes - The Bad Boys

    Episode 6

    Rom talks about the most notorious player archetype, the Bad Boy. The focus is on why Bad Boys win with women. It's not for the reasons most people think.

  • Player Archetypes - The Ideal Man

    Episode 7

    Rom talks about the Ideal Man type of Player. This Player Archetype is a master in giving women a fantasy figure.

  • Player Archetypes - The Chick Magnet

    Episode 8

    In this episode Rom talks about Chick Magnets. These men draw a variety of women to them. Whereas other men have to approach women, women go out of their way to approach Chick Magnets.

  • Player Archetypes - The Scavenger

    Episode 9

    In this final episode Rom talks about the Scavenger. All a woman needs to get a Scavenger's attention is a pulse.