Nuances of the Game

Nuances of the Game

11 Episodes

There are many "rules" in male/female relationship dynamics. In particular men believe if they have looks and money then they will do well with women. In general they will succeed with looks and money but there are always exceptions. This series will look at those exceptions as well as other nuances of the game.

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Nuances of the Game
  • Nuances of the Game - Discussing Sports with Dimes

    Episode 1

    Many men think of very beautiful women as being airheads and trophies. The reality that many Beautiful women were jocks and awkward girls at one time. A great way to get with them is to discuss things like sports and other interesting topics.

  • Nuances of the Game - Ladies' Men Tend to be Average Looking

    Episode 2

    The men who do the best with women rarely look like male models. Rom discusses the secret to their success.

  • Nuances of the Game - Second Thought Women

    Episode 3

    In this episode Rom talks about Second Thought Women. These women will initially reject a man and then find him attractive at a later time. Rom tells men how to deal with this situation.

  • Nuances of the Game - Being Rejected by Ugly Women

    Episode 4

    One of the biggest ironies in the game is that an ugly woman will reject a man quicker than a beautiful woman would. Rom discusses this phenomenon in this episode.

  • Nuances of the Game - Beautiful Women Tend to Have Fewer Sex Partners

    Episode 5

    In this video Rom explains why beautiful women will tend to have fewer sexual partners as other women. Through a combination of several factors beautiful women will likely be more chaste.

  • Nuances of the Game - Why Thorough Men Get Less Sex

    Episode 6

    In this video Rom explains why men who have a lot going on for them tend to have fewer sex partners. Not only does Rom explain the social dynamics behind this phenomenon but he also explains why this isn't a bad thing.

  • Nuances of the Game - Dealing with Princesses

    Episode 7

    A Princess is a woman who grew in sheltered environment and was often spoiled by a protective father. These women are in a category all of their own and there are several nuances in dealing with them.

  • Nuances of the Game - Why Beautiful Women Will Look at Personality More

    Episode 8

    Contrary to popular belief beautiful women will choose a man based more on his personality than his physical appearance. Rom explains why beautiful women will do this.

  • Nuances of the Game - Dingy Women Rarely Like Good Men

    Episode 9

    Those dingy women will give every man play except for a Good Man. Rom discusses this dynamic in detail.

  • Nuances of the Game - When You Stop Chasing Her

    Episode 10

    An interesting nuance in the game is that a woman will ignore a man chasing them but want him as soon as he stops chasing her. Rom discusses this dynamic and how a man can use this to his advantage.

  • Nuances of the Game - The Women with the Best Nani

    Episode 11

    In the season finale of Nuances of the Game, Rom describes the type of women who are the best in bed.