Pull Styles

Pull Styles

12 Episodes

Rom Wills, author of the international bestseller, Nice Guys and Players, discuss numerous ways in which men can get women. From being a smooth talker to being a stylish dresser to being a party man any man can develop a personal style suited to his personality.

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Pull Styles
  • Pull Styles Preview

    Episode 1

    Rom gives a preview of his upcoming new series, Pull Styles. In this series Rom Wills discuss different ways to get a woman ranging from having a muscular body to using cerebral charms. This series is designed to help a man find his own unique style of seduction.

  • Pull Styles - Smooth Talker

    Episode 2

    The Smooth Talker style is powerful and the key for every other style. There are two levels to the ability to talk with women.

  • Pull Styles - The Body Game

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Rom discusses his core pull style, The Body Game. This powerful style attracts a variety of women.

  • Pull Styles - Facemen

    Episode 4

    In this episode Rom explains how a man with an extremely handsome can maximize his fortunate genetics.

  • Pull Styles -The Style Cats

    Episode 5

    A well dressed man is very attractive and seductive. Rom explains how style works as a method of pulling women.

  • Pull Styles - The Cool Cat

    Episode 6

    Many men pull women by having a cool and calm demeanor. Rom explains how this style works with women.

  • Pull Styles - The Leader

    Episode 7

    Some men pull women by being a leader. Rom details the power of a true leader and why this type is attractive to women.

  • Pull Styles - The Bad Boys

    Episode 8

    In this video Rom discusses the Bad Boy and the reasons why he is chased by numerous women. The well-known trope of good girls wanting Bad Boys.

  • Pull Styles - The Hustler

    Episode 9

    The Hustler is powerful style not because he gets resources but because women are naturally drawn to his energy.

  • Pull Styles - Party Man

    Episode 10

    The Party Man appeals to the part of the woman that wants pleasure and entertainment.

  • Pull Styles - The Size Game

    Episode 11

    Rom discusses how big men and short men can pull women. There are many styles these men can use to their advantage.

  • Pull Styles - The Ultimate Style

    Episode 12

    Rom discusses the ultimate style that can utilized by any man.